How To Plan A Romantic Date

Fell out of the usual dinner-and-a-movie date idea? Most do, don’t worry. “Once the courting phase ends and people shift into a more comfortable zone, there’s less incentive to come up with fresh ideas,” says Courtney Cooke, author of Create a Date. “But if you don’t mix things up, the relationship can get stale.”

So what do you do? A romantic night out can change the way you look at date nights and a refreshing change of scenery.

Many people are lost when it comes to romance, not knowing how to come off as seductive and charming without feeling a little weird. But although it can be difficult to find out what your specific partner will find impressive, there’s always the more fool-proof ideas that most people would agree are fun.

So for the date itself here’s a few ideas:

1. Do the dinner ”DIY” or do it yourself. Try something creative like a home taco bar with all the fixings. Yea it’s a bit of work, but so is love. Plus it’s really fun.

2. Get your fashion-on with a cute LBD and go indoor golfing.

3. Take the day to go get a couples massage. Probably the most physically fun idea. Relaxing, romantic, sexy – what else do you need? (my personal favorite)

4. Do a guys thing and go to a ball game. He’ll enjoy himself and it’s fun for women as well, don’t worry.

5. Go to an amusement park or safari. Go on rides, win a teddy bear or go see some animals – basically have fun like a kid.

6. Think you’re lucky? Take a bit of cash and go to a nearby 섹시카지노. (for people that have no idea how to play cards, play black jack, it’s the easiest.)

By the way going to a Jazz bar or something different like a wine tasting event can also be a change and very romantic. Generally, these wine tasting events are a bit costly, but there are places that do them on a constantly and are cheaper. As a non-wine lover myself, I personally go for the cheese and fruits.

Now for the personal end. After all this work, you don’t want to just go home and go to sleep, you now have the ultimate romantic backdrop to set the mood. These personal ends can be very simple like taking a walk through a park or another scenic area of town. If you want something quirkier, you could feed ducks, watch a movie together at home, or bring a blanket and a bottle of wine and cozy up under the stars..

Then if you are a couple sleeping in different places at the end of the night, finish the night with a sweet kiss at the door or a cute text about how fun the night was. If you are a couple sleeping together or living together, you can add some extra spice to your night with lingerie.

If you are the man in a relationship, it can be a really romantic gift idea to buy your date lingerie. While most men are nervous about how the gift will be perceived, most women are flattered to receive such an intimate gift. If you are the woman, bring along some lingerie (or just keep it at home) and change into it once you are getting ready for bed (don’t take too long, though). Now, lingerie doesn’t always have to be too seductive or kinky; a simple chemise gown or silky robe constitutes as lingerie and can be equally as sexy as a corset or bustier. But if you’re the more playful type, obviously the more the merrier.


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