Playing The UK National Lottery Won’t Solve Your Debt Problems

Have you ever buried your head in the sand because you couldn’t face yet another bill you didn’t have the money for to pay it? Have you ever panicked when the phone rang, concerned that one of your creditors would be making a routine call to enquire why three payments in a row have been missed. Or even worse, have you hidden out of the way as the door rang, worried that the debt collector was making his weekly call for the ‘arranged payment’ you don’t quite have?

In situations such as this, it can make you feel so helpless. As though there is no answer to your ever mounting debt situation. How on earth are you going to pay the bills, you think to yourself. This potentially vulnerable state sets you up as a potential victim to the unscrupulous companies that promise to eradicate these problems almost overnight. Instead of this happening, you find yourself in deeper water.

One scam you must watch out for is something known in the trade as the general fast shuffle and the debt associated scam. The latter is presented to you as a way of repairing your credit rating so that you can obtain a loan. Trouble is, although this sometimes works, more often than not institutions share your financial data. The single best way of repairing your credit rating is to pay off your debts, although this can seem like an insurmountable task to undertake.

Be wary of companies that promise a silver-bullet-solution to your problem. If they make guarantees then be very careful as often they require cash upfront before they will ‘help’ you solve your problem. This is akin to gambling and hoping that your bet will pay off. It might, but don’t put your trust in a company you don’t know without doing some background research.

Although the National pengeluaran sgp in the UK is a legal entity, some companies have allegedly used it to target people that have problems with debt. What they do is state they will increase your likelihood or chance of winning the big jackpot, or a percentage of it, if you plough some of your money into their program.

Winning the UK National lottery would certainly solve your debt problems but the chances are millions to one. Instead, tackle your debt problem head on. Take your first steps by signing up for our free mini course on UK debt consolidation.

If you owe a number of debts, you can consider debt consolidation. What this basically does is roll up all your existing debts into one manageable, albeit larger, bundle. A single loan effectively addresses all these smaller numerous debts.

As you would be borrowing one larger sum, this atypically means you pay lower interest rates on the sum owed. These loans are usually also spread out over a longer period of time with a large range of consolidation loans on the market to choose from.


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